Tuesday Scientific Owl Curation (SOC) #4 — Steemit

Hi Steemians and owl lovers! To improve the quality of hard scientific content I made curation owls. You can find out more about these birds over here. In this weekly post I will present updates and give the posts which got curated.


Update content types and new owl: Besides the content type long & short there will be a new content classification: popular and expert. Here popular means that the post has been written for a general audience and expert means that the post has been written for an expert audience. For both popular and expert types, you can receive 6 owls. For popular you can receive the 6 owls which were introduced in the previous posts. But for the expert the sexy science owl will get replaced by the expert delight owl: The expert delight owl is awarded if the expert post is written in an engaging way at an expert level. Hence, it mirrors the sexy science owl for the corresponding audience. I got this idea from a short discussion with @dexterdev on his phospholipids post.

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